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Who Am I? 

Welcome to Wintergrass Photography!

~Every Picture Tells a Story, Every Story Needs a Picture ~ 

My name is Lindsay Wintergrass. I'm a Colorado native, raised in the Conifer area and now based out of Castle Rock, Colorado. I am an active mother of two beautiful children. My children are my greatest passion, followed closely by my devotion to photography.


I have been in the photography industry for over ten years. What started as a hobby, I quickly realized photography is what I am meant to do! Wintergrass Photography was founded in 2017!


A few examples of my specialties are maternity, family, graduating senior's, children, individuals (headshots, branding), couples (engagement, anniversary), construction projects. 


Photography has given me the tools and motivation to look more closely at the world and myself. I pay attention more and therefore, I'm able to be more present. Photography is a journey, it's expanded my vision with experiences, moments and stories that have shaped who I am. I want to showcase how I see the world, as well as how I want the world to be seen. 


"Photography is the story I fail to put into words" - Destin Sparks 

I believe every picture tells a story. I have always loved telling stories through photos and strive to reveal the story within each picture. I aspire to capture the natural beauty and variety in every moment that life has to offer. I shape the art of every day life with the photographs.


Random fun facts about me ~

 ~ I absolutely LOVE coffee

~ I try to see beauty in all things 

~ I love decorating 

~ I'm always chasing beautiful sunsets 

~ I absolutely LOVE Fall / Autumn 

I'm always wanting to connect, learn people, their stories, what makes them tick, feel inspired etc.

~ My favorite flowers are sunflowers and orchids 

I hope you will allow me to share my vision, talent and passion to capture all the big and small moments in your life, and everything in between. 

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